LED Growlamp between Plants


Product Name LED Growlamp between plantS Lifetime L80: > 250,00hrs
PPFD@6.3”(max) ≥49(μmol/㎡s) Working Temperature -20℃—40℃
Input voltage 100-277VAC Certification CE ROHS
Power 22W Warranty 2yrs
Mounting Height ≥6” (15.2cm)Above Canopy IP level IP65
Beam angle  140° and 140° Tube QTY. 1pcs
Main wavelength(optional) 450,630,660nm Net weight 500g
Fixture Dimensions Φ29*1100mm    


●To supplement the light when the light is blocked by the leaves, improve the yield of flowers and fruits.

●Suitable for supplementing light to higher plants such as cucumber, tomato and marijuana.

●Conveniently installed in the planting shed, basement, plant factory multi-layer frame.

●Mounted on LED GROWPOWER or suspended from the top of the greenhouse.

●Depending on the spectral needs of the plant, different spectral curves can be customized for the customer.