LED Quantum board 100W-600W

Specification of different versions:

5ST012-1 5ST012-2 5ST012-3 5ST012-4 5ST012-6
Input power 100W±3% 200W±3% 300W±3% 400W±3% 600W±3%
Input voltage 100-277VAC 100-277VAC 100-277VAC 100-277VAC 100-277VAC
PPE(μmol/J) 2.1-2.7 2.1-2.7 2.1-2.7 2.1-2.7 2.1-2.7
Life time(L70) 50,000H 50,000H 50,000H 50,000H 50,000H
Dimming (optional) 0-10V PWM 0-10V PWM 0-10V PWM 0-10V PWM 0-10V PWM
Veg Coverage 3×2.5FT at 16″ 3x5FT at 18″ 3x8FT at 18″ 5x5FT at 18″ 5x8FT at 18″
Beam angle 120° 120° 120° 120° 120°



●Provide light for herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other heliophile to achieve normal photosynthesis of plants.

●Provide light for Abel planting system and Basement, grow tent.

●low energy consumption,Save 30% compare with HPS,long lifetime reach11 years。

●Perfect for 3.5×3.5ft bloom stage,4×4ft veg stage.

●Depending on the spectral needs of the plant, different spectrum curves can be customized for the customer.