How to hydroponic nursery seedling

Hydroponic nursery seedling is faster,cheaper,cleaner and controllable,It is more convenient to use Maisie bud of Growook.

1.Seedling method:

The simplest method is to soak the seeds in the water at 30℃ for 12 to 24 hrs, then put the seeds into the rock wool block which is placed in a planting basket, final put the basket into Maisie bud iGrowpot for sprouting.




This method asks for more than 95% germination rate with high quality seeds.

The following method will pick up the seeds which can not sprouting,improve the yield of seedling,ensure the seeds be sprouting.

(1). Sprouting

①Fold the paper napkins 4-6 times,lay them flat on the tray,then sprinkle water on the paper napkin to make sure it is totally moist.

②Evenly place the seeds on the wet paper napkin ,then cover the 4-6 times wet paper napkin.

③Put the right amount of water to ensure the paper napkin wet for 1-2 days ,and sprinkle some water on the napkin everyday.











④Check the seeds every 12 hours without touching them,they will sprout within 2-4 days,some of them need one week or more time (especially the old seeds).












⑤It is better to keep the temperature during 21℃-28℃ without the light in order to sprout faster. As the figure, when the bud is more than 1cm, it can be place into the seedling block.

(2) Seedling

①Soak the seedling block and cut it from thetop to the end.











②Put the budded seed into the block, let head down ,the distance between seed and block top is 2-3mm.












③Close the block and put it in a small planting basket , pay attention to the position.

④Put the small planting basket into Maisie bud, then make each basket with a transparent cover.

⑤ Add water or purified water and keep the level below Max.

⑥ Connect the power supply and set the Sprout button to start.









OK!Look at the the tomato plants below,it seems great !











It is amazing that we use 18 days to finish seedling.

After the seedling, it can be placed to Abel iGrowpot, so that the plant will grow and flower.