Fighting against Novel Coronavirus, Radiant Ecology is in action!

Recently a outbreak of Coronavirus happened in China but Chinese government is actively taking many powerful measures to deal with it. We are confident that it will be getting better and finally beat the virus very soon.

We Radiant Ecology Technology as a Specialist ODM Supplier of indoor smart plant device and LED plant lighting products.Defining-Design-Propaganda-Mould Tooling-Production-Packing-QualityInspection-Certification-After-sales, Our Radiant professional design and engineering teams can create customized products that enable customers to differentiate from competitors and achieve maximum value in their local markets.

To face with this sudden outbreak , we have some Emergency solutions.

First Ensure the safety of our products and employees.Our factory purchased a large number of medical masks, disinfectants, infrared scale thermometers, etc., and has started the first batch of factory personnel inspection and testing work, while disinfected all-round twice a day on the production and development departments and plant offices.So far, none of the out-of-office personnel checked have found a single case of a patient with fever and cough. Subsequently, we will also strictly follow the requirements of government departments and epidemic prevention teams to review the return of personnel to ensure that prevention and control in place.

Secondly, Affected by the novel coronavirus, the delivery will be delayed. The latest delivery time will be tracked, but we’ll keep tracking the status and try our best to expedite. Investigate suppliers of product raw materials, and actively communicate with them to confirm the latest planned dates for production and shipment. If the supplier is greatly affected by the epidemic, and difficult to ensure the supply of raw materials, we will make adjustments as soon as possible, and take measures such as backup material switching to ensure supply.We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Under special circumstances, once the factory fully resumes on February 20, we will try best to arrange additional work methods to speed up production and open emergency channels for products.

Facing an extraordinary challenge posed by the outbreak, we need extraordinary confidence. Although it’s a hard period for our Chinese people, we believe that we can overcome this battle.

Come on ,Radiant !Come on Wuhan ! Come on ,China!