Hot Selling for Uv Grow Lamp - LED Growpower Controller – Radiant

Simulate the environment of day and night to make the photosynthesis of plants more complete.

●The best sunshine for cannabis stems and leaves is 16-18 hours, which can promote the rapid growth of plants and leaves. The flowering result period is 12 hours, which can quickly make the plants enter the flowering stage and improve the yield and taste of cannabis;

●The best sunshine for tomatoes is 12H, which can effectively promote photosynthesis and germination and differentiation of plants, prevent deformed fruit and make early maturity;

●The best sunshine for strawberries is 8-10H, which promotes growth, flowering results, uniform fruit size and good coloration.

●The best sunshine for grapes is 12-16H, which makes the plants strong, the leaves are dark green, shiny, full of germination, high yield and good taste.

4. LED Growpower controller cThe brightness of the lamps can be controlled to be 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%.

Each plant and its growth period have different requirements for light intensity. Choosing a suitable light intensity can increase or control the rate of photosynthesis of the plant, thereby increasing the growth rate or yield of the plant.

Product Name LED Growpower controller Size L52*W48*H36.5mm
Input voltage 12VDC Working Temperature -20℃—40℃
Input current 0.5A Certification CE ROHS
Output dimming signal PWM/0-10V Warranty 3yrs
Number of controllable growth lamps(MAX) 128groups IP level IP54

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