Big discounting Indoor Planter Box - LED Growpower 160w – Radiant


Product Name LED Growpower 160W Beam angle  90°
PPF 336μmol/s Main wavelength(optional) 390、450、470、630、660、730nm
PPFD@7.9”(max) ≥1240(μmol/㎡s) Net weight 4000g
Input power 160W Lifetime L80: > 50,000hrs
Efficacy 2.1μmol/J Power Factor   > 90%
Input voltage 100-277VAC Working Temperature -20℃—40℃
Fixture Dimensions 46.6” L x 5” W x 3” H Certification CE/FCC/ETL
Mounting Height ≥6” (15.2cm)Above Canopy Warranty 3yrs
Thermal Management Passive IP level IP65
Dimming (optional) 0-10V Tube QTY. 2

 Features & Benefits:

●Provide light for herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other heliophile to achieve normal photosynthesis of plants.

●Provide light for Abel planting system and basement, plant tents, multi-layered plants for medicinal plants.

●Easy to install, can be used in planting tents, basements, plant factories.

●Depending on the spectral needs of the plant, different spectrum curves can be customized for the customer.

●Unique lens, directional illumination, energy saving 10-50%.